Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Your browser does not support all features of Google drive": Google and Internet Explorer compatibility issue

I wrote an article recently about how Opera had some compatibility issues with Google services and how I was afraid that in the future Google will try to force people to use their browser. I could not have been more right.

The warning message is now present with Internet Explorer too:

The complete message:
"Your browser does not support all features of Google Drive. If you are having problems, try Google Chrome. Dismiss"

On the other hand, Google seems more tolerant towards Internet Explorer than it was towards Opera: when you dismiss the message, it does not appear again and again.

Anything to do? 2 possibilities:
- you ignore this message and continue using your favorite browser in the hope that the functions you need are fully supported (I don't think Internet Explorer is a good choice, though)
- download and use Google Chrome

I even found a third solution. I did not want to use Google Chrome as it seemed a bit "forced" to me, so I am using the Comodo Dragon browser. It is based on Google Chrome, so it worked fine with Google services.

What's your opinion on this? Don't hesitate to share it in the comments section.

Blogger widget that shows all posts

I just had a stupid problem: I couldn't find the Blogger widget to show all the posts of my blog ordered by date. I knew it existed but did not know the name. I tried looking for history, all posts, ... and couldn't find anything. Just a recent posts widgets.

First, there is no search bar in the Basics section of the widgets:

Then, in the "More Gadgets" section, there is a search bar BUT it only search in the third-party developed widgets. So don't even think about using it to find Google widgets.

Finally, it is not easy to find something specific when you don't know its name. What you are looking for is called Blog Archive. It is in the second page of the basic gadgets (notice the next button):

And here was the widget I wanted:

Just thought I would share it in case someone is looking for it too one day.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Comodo Dragon review

There are many web browsers available: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, ... I tested all of them and even though I have a personal preference for Opera, I have had a hard time with it recently. Compatibility problems with Google services (the blogger platform that hosts this post, the Google drive service which I recommend) and more recently I even started having problems with some other websites (my bank website, InfoBarrel, ...). Opera just came up with a new update today so maybe everything is working fine now.

Anyway, I was quite curious when recently, someone using the web browser Comodo Dragon accessed this blog. I had never heard about this browser before and I had to check it out. Right now, this is the web browser I am using to write this post and I did not think a web browser could convince me so fast! Everything I have tested to now is working fine. Google drive, Google blogger, InfoBarrel, my bank website, ... internet browsing is so fast, the beautiful design reminds me of Opera, so almost only advantages.

The only small things I did not like:
- the help function here and there return a help page about Google chrome! So imagine you try to find out how to configure Comodo Dragon for this or that, you may suddenly have a web page explaining the settings for Google Chrome. This is quite ugly.
- the browser came with the language of the country I currently live in (Norway, so Norwegian). Even though I speak Norwegian, I would rather have my browser in English. Easier, and also better when I take screenshots to show on my blogs. I may have missed the option during the install but I have the feeling that, like some Google products, Comodo Dragon tries to guess your language from your local position
- finally, some small messages can be irritating. For example, do you want to translate this page, or that page? I had to deactivate it (click on the eye of the dragon on the upper left corner of the browser, then go to settings and enter language in the search bar)

Even though, my conclusion is that this browser is good and it was a really nice discovery for me. If you are not happy with your current browser or are a bit curious I invite you to try it. Oh and in case you wonder, the name of the animal is Komodo dragon with a 'K' while the browser is called Comodo dragon with a 'C'. Probably some pun intended but I thought I would clear this out as Google may suggest you look for Komodo dragon instead of Comodo dragon.

"There are no calendars selected" error message

I recently had this error message appearing from time to time on my phone and I had no ideas why/what/how. I am not using calendars too much so I did not care too much about the problem but the error message was annoying. What was I supposed to do? Which application was involved if any? I looked on the Internet and began to panic a bit. Some people were advising to factory reset the phone and reinstall the apps one by one and see if the problem appeared again... Fortunately, I was not happy with this solution and found that in my case, the problem was easy to solve.

My problem was coming from the app "Business Calendar" and this is what I needed to do to fix it:
1) Launch the app (if you have the calendar on your desktop, just click on it)
2) A calendar should appear. Click on the option button (your android phone button)
3) You should have the following options: Agenda, Search, Today, Go to, Show Bars and More. Choose More
4) Select the first entry called "Calendars"
5) Check the check box corresponding to the calendar you want to use
6) Save
7) Enjoy

Notice: the problem may come from something else on your phone, so I cannot guarantee that this will fix your problem. At least it did for me.