Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogger widget that shows all posts

I just had a stupid problem: I couldn't find the Blogger widget to show all the posts of my blog ordered by date. I knew it existed but did not know the name. I tried looking for history, all posts, ... and couldn't find anything. Just a recent posts widgets.

First, there is no search bar in the Basics section of the widgets:

Then, in the "More Gadgets" section, there is a search bar BUT it only search in the third-party developed widgets. So don't even think about using it to find Google widgets.

Finally, it is not easy to find something specific when you don't know its name. What you are looking for is called Blog Archive. It is in the second page of the basic gadgets (notice the next button):

And here was the widget I wanted:

Just thought I would share it in case someone is looking for it too one day.

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