Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to make money on the internet: the easy way

This article is a bit outdated. I leave it here for people who were used to it and would like to check something, but for more updated info about Infobarrel, what it is and why you should write for it (to make money online), please see here.

There are many ways to make money on the internet but it generally requires patience, perseverance and knowledge of the internet.

One easy way to make money on the internet, at least to get started is to write articles for How does it work?
1) You register to, Google Adsense, Chitika, Amazon affiliates and optionally to Barlrol.
2) You write articles (plenty of possible topics: what you like, what you don't like, common misconceptions that make you mad, how you see the society, tips and tricks you know about, ...).
3) will take care of publishing the article (through an approval process), of the ads around the article, of the visibility of your article through google search, ...
4) People will read your articles.
5) The money made through the ads (if people clicks on the ads or if some advertisers are paying to simply display the ads) are then split between and you (75% is for you).
6) Optionally, if you register to Barlrol, you could summit your InfoBarrel articles there to get extra readers

Notice: promoting your articles on Facebook, Tweeter, etc... is an advantage but it is not mandatory.

Some common questions
Why not write on my own blog/website?
Actually, you don't need InfoBarrel. You could write your articles on your own blog/website and get 100% of the ads revenue. The advantages of InfoBarrel are:
- they take care of the website maintenance (get it up and running at all time, take care of hacking threats etc...)
- they take care of the ads, facebook like buttons, etc... which means you only need to take care about the article itself
- they are ranked well on google, so if someone tried to find the info you are writing about, it will be easier to find the article on InfoBarrel than on your blog/website (unless you know very well SEO techniques, spend a lot of time with your blog/website, ...)
- they have a good community of people writing for them. Those people can give you some advice, rate your articles, motivate you etc...

Any alternatives?
Yes, hubpages, squidoo, xomba, wizzley, etc... but InfoBarrel seems to have the best percentage of revenue sharing, positive atmosphere, seriousness of articles (non serious articles deteriorate the site reputation, hence the visibility of your articles).

Why Google Adsense?

Because it is the one available in most countries, because it is one of the very few to care about you even if you don't have a big website (>500 daily page views) and of course, because it is integrated with InfoBarrel (you just need to register to Google Adsense and enter your id in InfoBarrel to be set).

Why Chitika?
Simply because it is one of the very few programs you can use in parallel with Google Adsense. Also, it is integrated with InfoBarrel so you just need to register to Chitika and enter your id in InfoBarrel to be set.

Other ways to earn money on the internet?
Yes, you can be paid to answer polls, receive and read mails, surf on the internet, ... But generally speaking, this is not worth it. Too much time spent, too little interest and too little money. Other alternatives that are already more interesting are: taking and selling your photos, finding names/slogan for, etc... A more detail guide about those alternatives will be available soon.

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